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In the world of Life Forge you undertake an endless adventure; you can become a great and powerful hero, renowned throughout the plains for your marvelous deeds, slaying monsters and collecting loot, or a rogue bandit, feared by other players for your murderous crimes. If you don't think the spotlight is for you, there's always the option to live in peace, gathering and crafting items for yourself and other players. In Life Forge, you write your own story of ascending to greatness.

This game features a thriving player-based economy in which everything you eat, shoot and slash has been harvested, cultivated and refined by a player from the ground up. Every action you make has an impact on your, or someone else's, progress in the game. Harvest materials, craft items, or slay monsters. Everything you do contributes to your character's progression, and rewards you for your efforts with resources to use later on.

Most legendary guilds and players will also be esteemed with titles and houses, so there is always something in which to invest your ambitions.

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